At James Coney Island, giving back to the community is a priority and we're proud to assist those who have helped to make our company a success. In the past decade, James Coney Island has donated a combined value of over five million dollars in coupons, gift cards, and incentive certificates in and around the Greater Houston Area.

The popularity of James Coney Island’s community program has grown to heightened levels and each year, literally thousands of organizations, like yours, contact us requesting participation in their events. Due to the increased cost of doing business and the current economic environment, we have unfortunately suspended all donations at this time. Please accept our apology for not being able to participate in your program through a donation.

Our catering department has always been and continues to be the best catering value in town. Please take advantage of their services for your next event. We value you as a customer and hope that you, your friends, and family will remain JCI customers for years to come.