Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
James Coney Island Support Center
1750 Stebbins Drive
Houston, Texas 77043


Does James Coney Island cater to events and parties?

We most certainly do - and we do it well! Visit our Catering page by clicking here for more information and to download a PDF Catering Menu.

You can also e-mail our Catering Manager at or call 713-932-1500 to speak with someone directly.

Where can I buy gift cards or merchandise?

Gift cards may be purchased any of our 21 Houston area locations. Visit our Locations page to find the store nearest you. Merchandise may be purchased at our Westheimer Location.

How can I express my comments and suggestions?

We value our customers' opinions and comments.

If you'd like to discuss your comments verbally, we invite you to contact the Main Office at 713-932-1500 during our regular business hours (M - F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) or simply drop a letter to the following address:

James Coney Island Support Center
1750 Stebbins Drive
Houston, Texas 77043
Or by email at

Comment cards are available at all JCI locations... no postage necessary!

How can I inquire about donations and sponsorships?

At James Coney Island, giving back to the community is a priority and we're proud to assist those who have helped to make our company a success. In the past decade, James Coney Island has donated a combined value of over five million dollars in coupons, gift cards, and incentive certificates in and around the Greater Houston Area.

The popularity of James Coney Island’s community program has grown to heightened levels and each year, literally thousands of organizations, like yours, contact us requesting participation in their events. Due to the increased cost of doing business and the current economic environment, we have unfortunately suspended all donations at this time. Please accept our apology for not being able to participate in your program through a donation.

Our catering department has always been and continues to be the best catering value in town. Please take advantage of their services for your next event. We value you as a customer and hope that you, your friends, and family will remain JCI customers for years to come.

Is James Coney Island a Franchise?

Your interest in a James Coney Island franchise is a great compliment to us. However, we are a privately held company and not currently franchising the concept or offering any other investment opportunities.

If you would like to be added to our list of those interested in becoming a part of James Coney Island, please submit this form with your contact information and include the following specific details:

  • The area/location where you wold like to obtain a franchise
  • Any pertinent experience relevant to the food/hospitality industry
  • What would make you a great James Coney Island partner!

You may also submit this information via fax to 713-932-0061. Should the status of our company or investment opportunities change, those in the franchise log will be considered for contact. Thank you again for your inquiry.

Is James Coney Island expanding to other markets?

James Coney Island is looking to expand to other markets within the state of Texas.

Our real estate advisors are currently looking at sites to secure, in order to further our expansion efforts. If you have a location in mind for a James Coney Island, we'd like to hear about it. Contact us through any of the various ways within our site.


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